Wednesday, February 26, 2014

HyperlinkButton crash on Windows Phone

Ready to give up on HyperlinkButton?  Getting a crash when you try to navigate to the link?  The fix is stupid simple (and just plain stupid!).  On Windows Phone, the TargetName property is required.  If it's not set, you'll crash and burn.  Set it to _blank and you'll be happy!  I dug around and found it on the MSDN page, but didn't see any other posts about it so maybe this will help someone else!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is there another way to spell Antarctica?

Ok.  This is weird.  After playing with NOKIA's Here Maps service (yes, dumbest name ever), I seem to have come across an error dissing our many scientist friends at the bottom of the earth.  Though the continent of Antarctica is spelled properly, it sure looks to me like they've named the east portion of it in a more phonetic manner.  I did a little searching and could only find "Did you mean" references for this spelling, so I'm feeling confident that I've found a typo in their service.  Maybe I should get a free trip down there... never mind.  A million thanks is all I need!

 Antartica East?
As shown on Bing maps (data by Nokia)

Also, quick double-check on Wikipedia:

First Place in MoDev $10k Windows App contest!

Cool news!  Windows Phone consulting company MoDev recently partnered with Microsoft to give away $10,000 to six different app developers.  Three apps were chosen by public voting, and three by their own judges.  My recent app, Dash Recorder (which missed the DVLUP deadline by just a few days and therefore missed out on XP) (not that I'm bitter) (ok, a little...) won first prize for Judges' Choice!  That's $2,500 in my pocket.  Very nice!  Please take a look at the app and see what you think.

Link: MoDev, Dash Recorder

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Windows Phone Marketplace Submission

Wow!  There was a recent post about Microsoft reducing certification times for submitted apps.  I submitted an update a day and a half ago and it just went live!  It sounds like it could end up being even faster, but I'm pretty happy to have a turnaround that fast even.  It's nice to see them improving things.

Update: Version 1.3 of SkyDrive Browser Task for Windows Phone 8

Version 1.3 is now live!  I've added a new language, Dutch (nl), courtesy of Jurjen Ladenius.  I also added the ability to override the file icons or set new ones, and I display the file size.  You can override the default icon for folders, albums, or files by specifying a URL to a resource or HTTP resource.

To set a new file type icon, call AddCustomFileTypeImage on the task class, passing it the extension and the Uri to the resource.  For folders, specify "folder" and for albums specify "album".

SkyDriveBrowserTask.AddCustomFileTypeImage("folder", new Uri("/MyAssembly;component/Assets/MyFolderIcon.png", UriKind.Relative));

Grab the package on nuget: ArianKulp.SkyDrive.BrowseTask v1.3

Monday, February 10, 2014

SkyDrive browse task update (v1.2)

A new update?  Oui! Sí! Ja!  I posted version 1.2 of the SkyDrive Browse Task for Windows Phone 8 last night.  The newest version fixes a bug when you refresh the view (it wasn't clearing the list) and it also adds French, Spanish, and German language translation.  This was already there, but I didn't package it properly for Nuget so no one got to see it!  Thanks for the help of Lionel Loscos for improving the French strings.

Anyone who wants another language, let me know.  There are very few strings to translate and I'd be glad to get you a language file.

v1.2 Link: ArianKulp.SkyDrive.BrowseTask on Nuget

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Update to Marketplace Apps List for Windows Phone

If you have tried my Marketplace Apps List control for Windows Phone, I release an update for it last night.  I cleaned up the code, did real template binding, and added the ability to set a Background brush in the declaration of the control.  This is used for the background of the individual app items -- not the control as a whole.  Anyway, give it a look!

Link: Apps List on Nuget