Sunday, August 26, 2012

Marketplace submissions

I've submitted updates for both Marketplace Dashboard and Gallery Downloader:

Marketplace Dashboard now has full Mango support (finally!) so it will do fast resume, but also has a background agent for Live Tile updates and even notification when an app gets published.  In the app you can view number of downloads and crashes like before, but also see day-by-day downloads and crashes, and you can pin a live tile for specific apps to see updated info.  Secondary live tiles are only available on 512MB devices (shouldn't affect many devices yet...) and only to paid users.

Gallery Downloader has a bug fix update for some crashes that were occurring sporadically if you double-clicked the Back button by mistake after downloading images.  It's annoying how many safeguards are needed to prevent problems like that!

Both updates should be live in another day or two.  Enjoy!

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