Friday, March 15, 2013

Converting from Expression Design to SVG

That wasn't much fun!  It turns out that converting from XAML to SVG is harder than I thought.  I had a logo that I had created in Expression Design.  I don't believe that Microsoft is even supporting it anymore, but I still have it.  The .design file is worthless as even Expression Blend won't touch it.  I figured, it couldn't be that hard to export!  I was definitely wrong.  There are only a handful of format options, but each have their drawbacks.  Since Inkscape can import from XAML, that seemed like an easy approach.  Unfortunately, that import just made a mess of the image.  Exporting to bitmaps and tracing them would be an option, but not a great one.
The solution ended up being to export to PDF.  Yes, the venerable PDF format.  Since it supports vectors, you get a high-fidelity export (though it appeared to clip part of it).  From Inkscape, I performed an import on the PDF file and got a perfect SVG image!  I hope that helps someone!  If you don't have Design anymore, than I'm not sure what to tell you...

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