Monday, November 4, 2013

Microsoft Tech Affiliate Program

Have you heard of the Tech Affiliate Program before?  It's a great way to get involved with your communities to share knowledge of Microsoft technologies.  If you are already a speaker, or run a group, you might have been involved with Microsoft in the past with quarterly packages of swag, cards, and information.  Tech Affiliate gives you more flexibility by letting you earn points for your events to redeem for items that you need.  It's also a great place to get banners and contact cards, and to serve as your presence for affiliate contests.

I've been in the program for over a year now and it's really helped me to engage with more developers, and to be able to be a community resource for contests and Microsoft offers.  The Tech Affiliate Program is also great because it offers "scholarship" funds to help defray certain costs of hosting events.  If you are involved in the community, you need to check it out!

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