Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Twenty-four hours of coding may sound like a lot, but most devs have stayed up pretty late coding before.  CodeDay is a great opportunity for students (HS and college) to participate in a coding event to create apps or games for fun and judging.  Ideas and teams form at the beginning, and then loud music plays as everyone works on their projects through the night.  For games this usually includes music, sound effects, 3d models, sprites, levels, story, and of course the code behind it all.  We had around 30 students in Corvallis with lots of great ideas and fun for everyone!  HP let us use their facilities which was an amazing setup for such an event, and they gave everyone a great tour of their fab areas and massive printing equipment.

If you've never had a chance to take part in one of these, you're really missing out!  We hope to do it again in the future and hope for it to grow even more.

Link: Corvallis Codeday

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